Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

On the fourth, I saw Jean Jean Roosevelt with a friend.  I chose to see him because of the use of Afrobeats in his music.  The show was great.  I loved that he was so humble coming on stage, as well as throughout the show.  The music was easy to dance to, something that is always key for me, and he appeared to be very friendly.

After the show, I went to meet him backstage and who was standing there?  None other than Wesli!  I ended up talking to his friend, during which Wesli introduced us to the man that “found” him in Haiti – interestingly, this was a fluke, as the man had been living in Canada for many years, already!  Wesli then introduced us to Jean Jean, as they are old friends from Haiti.  Meeting him confirmed that his humble and friendly stage persona really fits his personality.  He seems like a great person to have around, much like Wesli.

After these interactions, I told Wesli that he has no choice, we are friends now, and his friend agreed that fate wants it that way.  I have his next show in my calendar, now, so I am not likely to forget about it!


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Wesli’s upcoming shows (scroll down for the shows)

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