Do you ever stand on a full bus, see an elderly person enter but no-one gives up their seat? Maybe you are too shy to say something but then start imagining ways you would? Then you ask yourself “why am I too shy”? These moments inspire my writing.

I am Obibini Bruni, aka Allie, someone who is passionate about social and environmental justice issues, particularly in Ghana.

During my first summer break as a university student, I volunteered in Ghana and proceeded to visit yearly, dedicating my studies to Ghana, made easy by studying Human Environment at Concordia University in Montreal.

With two of my nieces

In 2015, I moved there and have recently moved back to Canada for some time. My career goal was to start a youth capacity-building program, but while there I learned that my fear of a lack of experience was holding me back, something that was not aided by personal setbacks. While I still plan to start that program, I will give in to those fears and gain the confidence that will allow for success!

In the meantime, back to writing for those seeking a place to engage in critical dialogue, as well as those who are interested in Ghana! These posts have as a goal to create dialogue and to help readers think more critically about seemingly inane moments of their lives!

If you want to know more about me, contact me with any questions you may have!

While I wrote many posts while in Ghana, I only successfully published one. Here are some others worth checking out:

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Some projects I prepared in relation to Ghana while studying Human Environment:

  • Critical look at a land grab in Ghana’s Volta region by a European banana and pineapple company
  • Postcolonial analysis of the trafficking of Ghanaian women for the purpose of sex slavery
  • Gold mining
    • Drafted a movement to run a series of workshops with mining communities in Ghana, with a goal of empowering communities in regaining control of mining activities around them
    • Human rights violations by the mining industry in Ghana, with a case study of one company in the Western Region
    • Map of the distance of mines from main road networks in Ghana
    • Resource analysis and management of the mines by the same company as above
  • Waste and sanitation
    • Analysis and management of waste as a resource in Ghana
    • Effects of globalization on waste in Ghana
    • Nature and culture as used in a Maksi advert from 2011