About Me!

Who am I? What do I do? Why do I do it? Learn more about this voluntourism consultant!

Allie the voluntourism mentor & consultant


Allie, someone who is passionate about social and environmental justice issues, particularly in Ghana


  • Specialized in critical geography
  • Dedicated specialization to Ghana
  • Water activist, via TAPthirst
  • Waste activist, founding WaPreG
  • Youth capacity-building project while living in Ghana
  • My mission is to decolonize travel and development, with my focus being on the voluntourism industry


  • Voluntoured in Ghana
  • Proceeded to visit yearly, until immigrating there a shorter time than hoped for
  • Born, raised & currently living in Canada


  • Even as a child I wanted to do something good for the world, as naïve and unnuanced as my dreams may have been
  • We all want to leave our mark, but what kind of mark do we want to leave?
  • When we do better for others, we inadvertently do better for ourselves!


  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Consulting
  • Workshops
  • Organizational/company voluntourism audits
  • Policy analysis (can be paired with consulting)
  • Climate Collage facilitation (on hold)
  • More to come!


  • Voluntourists and their families, friends, peers, advisors, etc
  • Placement providers ➜ be they companies or nonprofits
  • Community organizations on the ground & their network, such as former volunteers, funders & donors, non decision-making staff
  • Community members and their leaders ➜ including twin communities, the diaspora, etc.
  • Government ➜ local, regional, national, destination, departure, etc.
  • Anyone else who is interested in doing their part to do away with the colonial legacies so intricately woven into the industry