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Let’s decolonize the voluntourism industry together!

Whatever role you play in the industry – be it as a voluntourist, a placement provider, a community organization, a member or leader of a host communit, a government employee, etc – you can do your part to see communities benefit from the work.

If we center the communities and their needs above all else, engaging in critical voluntourism, we can see a shift for the better, sooner than we might think!

Over the coming quarter, I will continue to run fun little experiments and so, when you join my waitlist, I will:

  • Announce my experiments to you before posting them to the rest of the world
  • This will also mean that you will have first dibs to benefit from them
  • Provide you with behind-the-scenes information, such as my thoughts, feedback I get and letting you in on my journey of working towards a just voluntourism industry ➜ and maybe even the tourism & development industries as a whole!
  • (Maybe that last point is a bit too grand of a dream, though)

Join me along this journey!