Mtl Jazz Fest: Ibrahim Electric, Mokoomba and the Posterz

On the third, I returned to the Jazz Fest to see Ibrahim Electric, Mokoomba, and the Posterz.  I chose to see Ibrahim Electric because “Afrobeats” was in their description.  While I enjoyed their sound, is was very 1960s mod, it did not have Afrobeats in any way I could recognize.  All for the better, though, as it made it easier for me to make my way to the Mokoomba stage.  Having missed the first five minutes the first time, I wanted to catch it this time, and I did.  Two friends met me for the show, and were patient while I met the band after the show.  After another friend met us, we fell upon Conjunto Chappottin Y Sus Estrellas‘s second half.  It was great music, with a dancing crown.  More energy from the band would have been nice, though.

Afterwards, we caught the second half of the Posterz‘s set.  They are a Montreal-based hip hop group.  I rather enjoyed them, however  they were definitely not a regular occurence for the Jazz Fest.  I do not mean the genre – we all know jazz and hip hop have similar reasons for coming into existence – but about the way the group worked the crowd, the stage, and most importantly, the lyrics.  A few times they even asked Jazz Fest people if they were allowed to say what they were saying.  I really appreciated this progressive move on the part of Jazz Fest organizers.  I hope they do it again in the future; as long as it doesn’t take away from the African and Caribbean presence.


Obibini Bruni – FacebookYouTube

Conjunto Chappottin Y Sus Estrellas – YouTube search

Ibrahim Electric – FacebookmyspaceYouTube searchwebsite

The Posterz – Facebook, ReverbnationSoundcloudVimeoYouTube

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