International Women’s Day Ramblings

Written a few days after IWD 2021, here are some thoughts for you to read as of March 8, 2022

Personal Interest

Racism: “Cadbury African Gorilla Personality Tribal Head – Protest Video”

A while back, I fell upon the “Cadbury African Gorilla Personality Tribal Head – Protest Video”*.  I had in fact been searching for the actual Zingolo video.  When I first saw this one, I thought twice about my enjoying the original, but set it aside to review at a later time.  Not only did I watch it, but I […]


Mtl Jazz Fest: Jean Jean Roosevelt

On the fourth, I saw Jean Jean Roosevelt with a friend.  I chose to see him because of the use of Afrobeats in his music.  The show was great.  I loved that he was so humble coming on stage, as well as throughout the show.  The music was easy to dance to, something that is always key […]