Mtl Jazz Fest: Lady

On the 1 July, I returned to the Jazz Fest to see Lady with a friend.  It was her picture, more than anything, that made me want to see her.  Her debut on a Missy Elliot album also helped.  From the moment the music started, I knew I would love it.  The Motown feel was a current style of R&B; the whole show was excellent.  Both crowd and band moving throughout, my friend told her boyfriend he should join us, as he would have appreciated the show.  Due to a holiday bus schedule, however, we were unable to meet her after the show.  No matter, I have looked her up and will try to find more of her for future shows.

To find Lady, see the Truth and Soul Records YouTube channel, or do like I did and check out a YouTube search.

For more of Obibini Bruni, check out my Facebook page and my YouTube channel.

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