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Carnivore Reactions – Part 2

As I said in the last post, vegetarians have a list of things carnivores always say to us. The items range from advice based on ignorance to curiosity to common smart-aleck jokes that we have heard many times over. These people think they are witty, but really they are so unoriginal that the wit has […]

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Carnivore Reactions

Ask any meat-eater and they will tell you stories about vegetarians telling them how to eat and live their lives, etc. etc. Conversely, ask any vegetarian (vegan, pescatarian …) and they will have a list for you of things meat-eaters always say to them. Let me tell you, I am skeptical about what meat-eaters are […]

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Dentist: Tooth Paste

After discussing floss, my dentist informed me that I am doing a good job with my brushing.  As there are occasional lapses in memory when I just want to get into my bed as quickly as possible after a long day, I was mildly surprised.  My guess is that my paste has something to do with this. […]