Red Flags

This page is dedicated to organizations that have lights blinking for me. If you know more about any of these organizations, then please do contact me, so I can update this page accordingly. If you are visiting this page because you are researching one of these organizations, then please keep in mind that my information is limited and you should also look elsewhere to be sure to make an informed decision.

Ghana Research Tours

When I fell upon this page on Facebook, it looked interesting, but there was no description in the about section. I therefore sent a message to ask for more information. The information I received was limited and immediately they asked me for money. When I did not have money to give but did have more questions to ask, the response was aggressive and insulting. The person made it clear that they wanted me to give them money without asking questions.
For me this raised a red flag. When I did a Google search, I found nothing but the Facebook page; no other online presence. This seems more like a scam than anything else, what with the kind of response and online presence that exists (or does not exist). Yes, they did send me a phone number which is based in the States, but it is not difficult to get a phone number for another country or area code and even at that, scammers rarely work alone.
If you know anything about them, let me know, so I can update my information and if you are considering using them, please do be careful until you get more information! (and then send that information my way)

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