Writing Immediately

I really am terrible at posting regularly, but I will get better.

This post is another exercise from the Random House Guide to Basic Writing.  First, you record an experience/observation, concentrating on what you see, not how you feel:

“We are home.

There are people visiting.

I am playing hide and seek.

I hide in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink.

I am falling down the drain.

I am screaming.

No one is coming.

I am falling deeper.

It is getting darker.

I scream louder.

No one comes.

Darkness engulfs me.

I scream louder.

My mothers tender touch awakens me.”

You have surely guessed that this is a dream.  In fact, as you will see in the next step, which is to ask questions about each observation, it was a recurring dream early in my life:

“We are home.  This is the only memory I have of this apartment to this day.  I was about three years old and we lived there less than a year (I think).  This was during the year and a half that I lived near my family, moving back to another province, where my family was not near.  This is likely why I pictured visitors; likely family, who gave me enough attention that I could believe we would be playing hide and seek.  As it was an apartment, there were likely not many hiding spots, so the kitchen cupboard is as good a spot as any other.  A fear of the dark was not one of my many, I was generally more afraid of my parents leaving me places or losing me, than of the dark, so no-one coming to save me from my peril would have been terrifying.  My mother awakening me would seem to solve the problem, however this was a recurring nightmare at that time.”

I don’t find this really improved it, so having left it for a few weeks, here is my next draft:

“We are home.

There are people visiting.

I am playing hide and seek.

Not we.

Hiding in the kitchen cupboard under the sink,

I fall down the drain, screaming.

No one comes;

I fall deeper.

It gets darker.

I scream more loudly.

Still, no one comes.

Darkness engulfs me as I scream even louder.

My fear dissipates as my mothers tender touch awakens me.”

I feel my third attempt brings me closer to where I want this to be.  The second one feels more like an explanation of what turned out to be a poem.  Also, this is a first: I have never written a poem by accident.  I have always wanted to write poetry, however when writing poems for school, I felt unmotivated.  Dismotivated?  Something along those lines.  Anyways, with my other writing commitments, poetry took a back door …step?  Whatever the expression is.  Anyways, I think I could really develop this piece into something I could be proud of if I spent more time on it.  In fact, I find this is a great exercise, it just did not work for the story I chose.

Ghanaian fact of the day: Check out the story of Fred Deegbe, who quit his banking career after successfully starting Heel the World, a chic shoe company based in Accra.  Okay, so fact was not the best word, but still it seems like a pretty interesting company and I can even think of one friend who could do well there; he already makes and fixes shoes for his friends!

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