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It has been a while that I have wanted to improve my writing through personal writing exercises.  As a result, I finally went through the books in the house that are supposed to help with this.  The one I decided to go through first is “The Random House Guide to Basic Writing”, by Sandra Schor and Judith Fishman (1978).  Upon evaluation of a few other books, they felt a bit outdated and a bit too textbook-y, yet when I went through this one, I felt as though I could get something out of it.  The first exercise in the book is a free write.  I have done free writes for one of my professors a few times, however they were specific to the term papers we were writing those semesters.  Even before doing those with him, I had always wanted to do a free write, but for some reason I did not, generally using time as an excuse.  Here is the free write I did; keep in mind that I was a bit self-conscious, knowing I wanted to post it here, so it is a bit awkward, but still:

“I am doing my first free write.  This is not planned like with Kevin, but is more free.  That one was not quite planned, though.  Am I actually doing a free write if I am kind of planning as I go?  Funny, I am doing the same as in the examples, just writing my thoughts.  That is the point, I think, though.  Well sort of, more to get thoughts on paper, I guess.  I do not know, really.  I moved the paper up, my hand hurts (that is why for the paper …funny I am explaining to my future self …or my readers, since my plan was already to post this …as is …how will I explain it?  Maybe I should close the bracket) …I like Bracket, he/they do good music …you know it is Nigerian when I do not learn whether it is a group or a person.  Has ten minutes passed?  Does not feel like it …I hope the timer does not scare me.  I wonder when the boys will send me their stuff.  That sentence changed three times before it got on paper.  This is fun.  I think I will make it regular …we will see …or do like Kevin and have a quasi-plan to free-write about?  We will see man the industrial park always uses water …what a waste.  I find it very hard to believe they have to use as much as they do.  How are our children going to think of us and how selfish we are?  Man that reminds me of the selfish bastard I was told about Sunday.  How can you plan on having kids, but blatantly say you could care less about their health, safety and suffering?  Kwasia!”

I will do more of the exercises in the book, though I have not decided how frequently, so if you like them, keep an eye out.  Until then:

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