Dance Lessons: Lyrical and Tutting


First off, I forgot to mention that the waacking choreography was to Flawless, by Beyonce.  Also, we filmed the choreography, both Ariella alone, as well as with those of us that took the session.  I am going to keep practicing the choreography, and maybe when I finally get a camera of sorts, I might do a short video for my channel.  We will see.

After that session, Ariella informed us that lyrical would be easier to learn – and it was.  I had less difficulty in learning the choreography, likely because it both was a slower pace and also had room for more of a personal touch; lyrical is an emotional dance, so our touch was essentially where we put our emotions into the dance.  I quite enjoyed this choreography, particularly the emotional side of it.  The song was also great, however I do not recall the name.  I will have to find that out.  If I am unable to, I will have the video soon.

Before showing us the moves the following week, Ariella stated that the tutting choreography would be more difficult.  This somewhat worried us, but in the end, it went well.  Learning the choreography had become much easier by this point, much in line with what Ariella had told me about learning to learn after the waacking session.  Despite having it down, the tutting choreography became difficult to recall when we filmed the group.  A few changes had been made, so as to bring about a nice formation for the video.  I also forget this song, but once again, when I receive the video, I will be able to remember.  I should also mention that we did not do the amazing finger tutting that you find on YouTube, as we are all (I believe) beginners.

More than anything, I look forward to having the other two videos, so I can practice them.  They were such fun choreographies.  And as a fun extra, they could easily all be modified to be azonto, meaning I have gained additional azonto moves.


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